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Error 404 simply means that the page you were looking for was not found.

Once you see a 404 error message, you should always double check the URL to make sure you are not the one making the mistake.

Once you know for sure it’s not your mistake. Almost 100% of the time the page has been moved or removed and webmaster has forgotten to add a redirect.

And Google hates that.

So, you should email the site’s owner and let him/her know that there is a 404 error on the page.

This is a great way of building relationships. You help a site owner out and you can be sure that sometime in the future the favor will be returned.


In more complex terms the 404 Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find the requested resource.

Anytime you enter a URL into the browser a request is made on your behalf:

• The request is routed through the internet to the domain on the URL (e.g. www.quinnroyalty.com).

• The domain is converted to an IP.

• Your request goes through to that IP address.

• Once it reaches the computer on that IP address there is a web server listening.

• The web server will look for that resource and if it does not find it will send back a 404.


Usually, it is for two reasons:

• You inserted a wrong URL
• The page has been removed


If your own website has a 404 error page – there are few things that could have caused this and several ways how you can fix it.

If you edited the URL

This is the most common cause for a 404 error page.

ALWAYS when you change the URL you have to create a redirect.

If you deleted the page

This can be tricky. If you deleted the page for some reason (you don’t need it, it doesn’t add value or it’s outdated) there are 2 things you can do.

The first option, 404 not found errors can indicate that there are still some resources that lead to this page – so you have to allocate these pages and ask the webmaster to remove the link or remove it by yourself where it’s possible.

The second option is to simply create a redirect (more information in the “If you edited the URL” section).


404 not found errors mainly appear in two cases:

1. You inserted a wrong URL,

2. The resource has been moved/removed.

If you can – message the site owners. That’s a nice thing to do 😉


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