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Back in 2019, some months after I launched my eLearning platform, www.qrt.ng; I had a couple of students enroll for my courses on the platform. Among them was Ngozi Ambrose, the CEO of Avana Beauty World. (www.avanabeautyworld.com.ng)

By that time, she wanted to own an e-commerce website so she could take her offline cosmetics business online but she didn’t know how to go about it.

She had tried so many tutorials and options that didn’t work for what she wanted to achieve.

Luckily for her, she saw one of my adverts and then she joined in.

She enrolled for my SEO, Blogging and FB/IG courses. It was a course bundle.

She practiced the lessons and worked on her SEO, Local SEO, created Facebook and Instagram pages and so on.

But it wasn’t enough, she needed an e-commerce website to display products like bigger brands do.

Funny enough, I never had a course for e-commerce website development back then but after seeing her website, I knew what she wanted and what she was trying to develop.

Her zeal made me speedily create a course for it, just so she could learn and start practicing on time.

When I finished compiling the course, I offered it to her and she jumped in.

She started practicing, she was able to do a lot of the technical aspects, including setting up SSL for her website through a third party. I was marveled.

But one thing was lacking… DESIGN!.

Her website design wasn’t going to convert or portray her brand as a promising one.

So, I engaged her in overnight “one on one” online classes but she couldn’t practice for much, and as a mother with a kid and other matters to attend to, I knew I had to help her in some other way.

After giving it some thoughts, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I told her I’d redesign her website for her and she accepted.

I went on to work on her website, doing my abracadabra as usual.

Her website is: www.avanabeautyworld.com.ng

I worked on:

  • The header section of her website
  • Added creative slides to engage with potential customers
  • Made sure her brand colours blended well with the stock images used on her website
  • Added in a section for categories
  • Worked on her footer area
  • A total redesign and rework of her website

Some months later, she started getting traction from customers outside Nigeria, but they couldn’t make payments.

The website was in our local currency but she needed it to be in USD as well.

So, I suggested further improvements to her website:

  • I implemented and setup Multiple Currencies (so customers outside and within Nigeria can have product prices in their local currency interchangeably via IP address detection)
  • Worked on displaying Delivery Dates after checkout (to gain the trust of potential customers and put their minds at ease on when their orders will arrive)
  • Setup Advanced Shipping Rates for international shipping (so customers outside Nigeria can be charged per kg rates)
  • Worked on hiding certain payment gateways for different countries, so a customer from the US for instance doesn’t see a payment gateway intended for a customer from Nigeria
  • Also setup a means for foreign customers to be able to pay for their orders manually
  • Worked on PWA so her customers can install her website on their devices as a web app.
  • Improved her website load speed
  • I also setup an abandoned cart recovery system (so any customer that didn’t checkout at the spot is reminded about their orders via emails)
  • Did other little but essential improvements like WhatsApp chat bubble and so on.

Since then, her website visits surged, her conversion rates tripled, she began exporting her products outside the country day in day out.

Running her business from the comfort of her home.

Before we knew it, she had smashed $5000 in total sales, and recently, she smashed $10,000.


If you search Google for her brand or some products on her website today, she comes up one-time. Ranking with the best of them in her industry.

One thing I respect her for is her zeal and enthusiasm, she never relented, she always believed she would taste success someday and she did.

Do you have this beautiful online business idea that requires both local and global recognition but you are stuck on how to carry it out?

Or you have an existing website that’s disgracing you and you want to turn your story around?

Or you fall into the category of those who wants to own a mindblowing website but requires a website developer and designer they can trust?

Better Call Olabode!!.

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