Living The Smartphone Lifestyle In Nigeria

Today we’ll be paying attention to an area of total consideration; of which many of us never took serious for years now, as Nigerians.
The area I’m talking about is Living the Smartphone Lifestyle in Nigeria.

What is Smartphone Lifestyle?

Smartphone lifestyle is making a sound source of income, covering day to day expenses and earning real time money using only your smartphone.

There’s no point beating around the bush as over 85% of we Nigerians today either owns a smartphone or few of us, a laptop. Very few out of the percentage I stated above make any income using their smartphone or rather let me say; very few people out of the percentage I stated above (85%) makes any reasonable amount of legitimate income (money) using their smartphones, never forgetting the fact that we can’t do without using our smartphones day in and day out.

As at this very moment, many of us owns smartphones with the most recent technologies (Fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE, long lasting battery, good camera lens, etc.) adapted or installed in it, which we use daily for specific reasons like reaching out to costumers, friends and family or for the other type of reasons like showboating, styling and even just using it because it’s a “latest” product or because people are using it, still we have no idea how to get the very best out of our smartphones of which is making a living, daily, weekly or monthly.

In this article, I’ll be enlightening us on proven ways of which I’ve tested and deemed worthy enough to live the smartphone lifestyle here in Nigeria. Most of us knows earning a living with a Laptop is very much possible and is even popular in both the much Developed and not really developed parts of Nigeria.

We barely looked or thought of the possibility that our smartphones could be very much useful to the point of creating unique ‘work from home” job options for us.

Plenty of us even think of it as “Mission impossible“, Lol. We be like: ” oboi how?, na lie (it’s a lie), ko jo (it doesn’t look possible in Yoruba), is it even possible without doing Yahoo Yahoo or scamming people?” Lol. well, yeah, hell yes it’s very much possible and I’m going to show us ways we can make money, earn a living using our smartphones.

5 Proven ways you can make Money using your Smartphone

These are the trusted and proven ways I have personally made money using my smartphone.

  1. Graphics Designing
  2. Video Edits and Creation
  3. Website Designing
  4. Blogging
  5. Digital marketing (Full Time)

These 5 ways I’ve listed above are very legitimate ways of earning a living using our smartphones. no lies attached as I’ll be explaining these ways below.

Note: as majority of us are android users, I’ll be focusing more on the android device as I’m more experienced with using an Android smartphone. it’s more affordable and has great features and even app developers.


As I’ve stated above, the android app store (Google Play Store) has so many great apps that even the IPhone App world (Apple Store) doesn’t even come any close to. Visiting the Google Play Store, you see immense amount of quality apps from different developers, for different purposes also. With such apps, you can become a Good graphics designer, as you can create life defining images or pictures for example: Logos, business cards, invitation cards, advert images and lots more others.


This is not a “joking around thing”, You can become a video editor and start editing videos for different occasions, adding specialty to party videos, meeting videos, school tours videos and so on. like I said earlier, the Google Play Store has immense amount of apps, Video editing apps that creates Dynamic HD videos with FX effects, transmissions, text intro animations etc.


Yes, you can create and develop websites using your smartphone, you just have to ask me how (as usual, lol). relax, I’ll show you how to create a website using your smartphone for different organizations, companies, schools, churches, music artists etc. and earn profitable amounts of money.


Yep, you can become an independent blogger like me. Then you can decide to choose a specific niche and start your own blogging life by owning a blog, writing great contents, selling products and services for people and companies and lots more.


By learning digital marketing, you will have the versatility of being in command of your online presence for various money making ventures e. g you will have knowledge of website designing, blogging, social media influencing and more others.

Nevertheless, you can also apply all these aforementioned skills to your existing business and brands! as I’m focusing on sharing my knowledge of giving you the insight of making a personal well created brand, nicely branding your own products & services and also giving your brand the perfect and special look to make it standout from others in the industry of which it’s categorized in.

Where I Can Help You

I can help you with teaching you the above mentioned ways that I’ve tested and deemed worthy enough to make a living from.

by enrolling in for my Living the Smartphone Lifestyle in Nigeria Course, you will learn how to create your own website/blog, how to create graphic images, how to edit and create videos and also how to kick start your own digital marketing career.


click any of the buttons below to learn more on how to join my Tutorial Courses on Living the Smartphone Lifestyle in Nigeria.

Click Here to Learn Key Graphics Designing for Making Money Using Your Smartphone or Personal or Corporate Branding

What you learn:

  • how to create a logo for your brand or website
  • how to design Stunning and Beautiful Advert Images, E-book covers, Posters and Flyers e.t.c
  • how to create animated video intro for marketing products and services
  • how to remove picture background and how to watermark/brand product pictures
  • how to create and Edit videos for either personal, product or corporate branding

COURSE FEE: 4,000 NGN Only.

Note: If you are interested in enrolling for the smartphone Lifestyle Tutorial, payment must be made first. (Doesn’t Include Digital Marketing Courses)

After undergoing this course, you will have your Smartphone Side Hustle up and running in no time!

I have done my own part by enlightening you; it’s now left to you to click the button above to learn more and to enroll.

As you can see from the price of the courses that they are very affordable, you don’t need to break the bank to learn How to start Living The Smartphone Lifestyle in Nigeria.

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