Beaten, Battered But Experienced: My Torrid Past Didn’t Stop Me From Chasing My Dreams5 mins read •

9 years ago, my parents got divorced.

A lot of things were affected, especially my education.

I went through a really tough and rough patch as a teenager.

I was emotionally unstable, malnourished and I experienced a lot of trauma while growing up.

I failed woefully at the West African Examinations, with a result containing Six (6) F9s and One (1) E8.

I left secondary school and immediately started working to earn a living at the age of 13.

Garri became a 3 square meal for me and my family. We ate beans without oil and concocted rice without oil (sometimes, without pepper).

Many at times, we had nothing to eat for days but it never stopped me from keeping my hopes alive.

Before the age of 16 I had worked in over 3 companies as a casual worker, either in the packaging or sales departments and I had also worked as a labourer to a local bricklayer.

This was a life I didn’t choose,

I used to be a happy and playful kid with no worries.

But situations made me a bread winner at the age many of my friends enjoyed the provisions of their parent.

I gave myself the nickname “ROYALTY” to distance myself from my poverty sricken background and to give myself a glimpse of hope for a better future.

I usually while away my time in a sports betting shop (BET9JA), where I also get to charge my phone, since we couldn’t afford electricity bills and our power supply had been disconnected.

One day, in 2016 I met Lanre, who was an IT student in a polytechnic school.

Lanre was into a particular “get clicks to earn” hustle, which I didn’t understand then.

He had created a blog to self click his referral links to earn more within a short period of time, thereby cheating the system.

I was marveled at what Lanre could do, the structure of the blog which was not actually appealing but I didn’t care, He created it himself. He had a website!

I had always had passion for tech related things, gadgets and websites, so I immediately asked him to show me how he created his blog.

It was a Blogger blog and lukily, he decided to show me thinking I was going to join him in his self clicking adventures.

He asked if I had a gmail address and he showed me how to create a blog on blogger. I was so happy.

I went home and created another email account, and I decided to practice what Lanre had shown me.

I created the blog but it was’t looking so nice. I decided to improve, so I google searched some themes and changed the look of my blog. It was a tech blog.

I met with Lanre on weekends since I had to resume factory work during the week. I showed him my blog and he was surprised at what I could do in the space of a week.

Sometime later, I abandoned the blog to face factory work squarely since that was what earned me some money and puts food on the table. I was earning ₦600 per day and I only worked on Mondays till Friday.

Later on, my passion for my website came back but I had lost access to my email.

I had to research another platform on which I could continue my website stuffs, then I got to learn about the self hosted version of WordPress.

Now, WordPress required money to get things up and running (money for hosting and a domain name). The prices were in USD which I couldn’t afford.

So, I went back to research on how to get free hosting service and domain name. Then I came across 000webhost and freenom.com.

I was able to learn ‘how to’s’ from a lot more research and was finally able to setup my new blog on WordPress.

I got back my old email address and I was able to transfer my posts from my ‘Blogger blog’ to my new ‘WordPress blog’.

After some time, I went deeper into designing my blog and on the long run, I was able to produce something appealing to the eyes.

This was how I started my website design journey irrespective of my background.

The struggle to make ends meet was still ongoing, but I never stopped posting tech related topics on my blog.

I decided to explore and learn more since I noticed that after owning a blog, you need to have visitors to be able to monetize your blog.

So, I stumbled on some Digital Deepak youtube videos in 2017, then I started learning Digital Marketing.

Although, Internet connection became another issue because I had to make sure I gained access to good network.

I’d watch and practice things I learnt from the tutorial videos with my phone while on break or during my night shift when others got some rest.

I didn’t have a laptop or PC, but this didn’t stop me from keeping my passion alive.

My background experiences and failed exams never stopped me from becoming who I am today.

Today, I am a professional WordPress Website Developer and Designer, I’m an Email Marketing Expert, I’m doing good at Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) and Google Advertising. I’m also great with Facebook and Instagram Advertising, to some extent.

I can create logos and graphics with Canva and my video editing skill is not lagging behind.

I have worked with numerous clients, businesses and organisations both locally and internationally.

I’m also grateful and fortunate to have met amazing people such as Akhil Kumar (My Indian Guru), Mrs Adebola Adeyinka, Mr Chinedu, David Alobo, Lindsay Eke and other wonderful people as I dived deeper into the online marketing world.

Indeed, I was Beaten, Battered and pushed around by life… But today, I’m Experienced.

I now see myself as a utility player in the Digital Marketing field because I can play proficiently in many roles and get great results simultaneously.

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