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‼ An award-winning professional photographer almost lost a huge contract because he didn’t have a corporate portfolio website. 😱

This is how it went:

2 years ago, a client contacted me, he introduced himself as a professional photographer in Lagos.

He wanted to own an online gallery where he could display the pictures of events he covered, personal photos and so on.

But he was skeptical about needing it or not, since we have Instagram which is a photo based platform.

I met with him physically on his request and we discussed about the project. I expanded it for him and told him I’d make it look more than just a photo gallery website.

To cut the long story short, we got started with the project. So, he shared some website samples to me with some photos from his work.

Shortly after, his interests dropped and he abandoned the project.

I kept on checking on him for a while, he said he was occupied with some issues and he’d get back to me soon. This was the trend for about 6 months.

Until one faithful day, he was referred to a fast growing tech company for a contract work and the application was fully online.

On the website where he was to apply, it was compulsory for him to include a link to his portfolio website and not Instagram or social media profiles.

He was stunned. He came back to me and asked if we could setup the website quickly so he could use it.. I told him I could, so he sent me some pictures, I setup a few pages and he applied for the contract.

Fortunately for him, he was shortlisted amongst those who got the contract. The company actually needed a couple of photographers so he was selected as well.

His website is: and it was designed by yours truly… you’re welcome to check it out. You’ll be blown away just like he, his wife, his team of photographers and his customers were also blown away.

I’m certain that this is enough reasons for you to consider having a corporate portfolio website.

Either you’re a freelancer, a TedX Speaker, an author, a writer, an experienced professional in any field looking to land bigger contracts in the digital space, you need a corporate portfolio website.

And Olabode is here to fulfill his obligations and promise of providing you nothing but highly converting corporate portfolio websites.

Better Call Olabode now to get started. He delivers accurately and efficiently.

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